About Me

About Me

Growing up small town has its advantages, of course to someone who’s in their teens maybe not. I grew up in Small Town Texas through the 90’s and spent some considerable time on my grandparents farm in

South Texas. As a child being in the middle of nowhere or in a town where everyone is in bed by 10 and the lights turn off, was dreadful. Fast forward to now, living in a medium sized town, working in the big city and I miss the nights when the town closed at 10pm.

I am the small town kid forced to live big city life for now. I am a jack of all trades in mostcases and I like to learn through trial and error vs reading. I have lived through some crazy situations and because of that I became a fairly comical person. My sense of humor can be dry at times and I warn you now there is a high change I will offend someone somewhere at least once per day, not intentionally. I love being from the country and being out in the country from time to time.

About This Site

I am fairly opinionated, and I love to share my views and ideas, but because I am in the big city from a small town my perspective tends to be unique, and based on my past careers and experiences the uniqueness just grows. So as I get into conversations with friends, family, and folks I know, the phase “well according to…” seems to come up a lot. One day a friend said “According to Country (Me)…”, and folks caught on. Recently someone asked why I didn’t share my thoughts, “war stories”, and comically entertaining ideas with others. I needed a creative outlet so I figured why not, I’ll start a blog site. So this site is thoughts, opinions, theories on life and all that goes on in it. This is Life,

This site is all about how you wind up all hat with no cattle.