Oh it is Getting Hot

So we are in the process of re-watching and in some cases bingeing on older sitcoms of the late 90’s. I feel these two decades are easily better than the current. I digress. Now, things are heating up at home, and oh it is getting hot! We are now moving into the sitcoms of the 2000’s.

What show is it?

Well this show runs from 2010 through 2015 and features some of the big names in entertainment. The biggest name being America’s sassy sweetheart, Betty White. That’s right, Hot in Cleveland. The show centers around four women who move from Los Angeles, California to Cleveland, Ohio. The four characters are pretty well-known TV and/or Movie Stars. The women decide to take an impromptu trip Paris. As a result, the group find themselves in Instead of Paris they will find themselves in Cleveland, Ohio. After some “good experiences” they all decide to stay in Cleveland.

Melanie Moretti is a woman in her 40’s estranged from her husband. The show cast Valerie Bertinelli to play Moretti, who many will know from Touched by an Angel.

Joy Scroggs is a fun and entertaining gal from across the pond. Joy is played by TV’s Jane Leeves, who is best known for her role as Daphnie Moon on the hit show Frasier.

Victoria Chase is a self-centered actress who cares about fame and riches. Oh and she cares about her friends too. Victoria who Wendie Malick plays, who is best known for her role in Just Shoot Me!

The last character is Elka Ostrovsky, which Betty White fills the part quite well. Adding to her legacy is this role where she is able to really let the sass out. Through out this show Betty will just let the sass fly out, and most often at an inappropriate time.

Oh the verdict is hot?

Down to the verdict, we are loving this show so far. This show, oh it is getting hot! While there are a lot of shows you can find on service like Netflix and Hulu, this show makes Paramount Plus worth it. The guest stars continue to impress us each episode, and we look forward to who is next. We continue to see guest start with big names like John Mahoney, John Rivers, Jon Lovits, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Susan Lucci!

I would rate this show easily as a good laugh with a decent story line. We recommend this show, especially if you have a few free nights to really binge the series. It may take a few episodes to get full speed, but it is well worth it. Keep tuned here for some more entertainment reviews as we continue to enjoy the comedy of the 90’s and early 2000’s.

This is how you wind up All Hat, with No Cattle.