Now it is getting ridiculous…

You know for the last few months, I would say about 8 of them now. We moved through some difficult times, and now we have made it to the other side. You guessed it! We are slowly getting back to what was once a normal life, surviving an “accident” from a foreign nation. We are moving to the days of social meeting, fun times, and maybe even movies again.

So it begins…

Well today I open a piece of mail to find a letter, this letter is from the Department of the Treasury. Immediately I assume the worst, I am going to be audited. The anxiety of finding all my documents sets in. This letter bears the date of April 22, 2021, which is just a few days ago. The letter tells me how I have been some of the selected few to get a stimulus payment of fourteen-hundred dollars ($1,400). First off, do not get me wrong, I was against the third stimulus payments, mostly because there was no definition of who received it. I know individuals who are not hurting, and viola a magic check appears. This program should be helping those who are hurting from economic downturn.

So what is the problem?

My issue is with this letter. First off, what the heck man? Our tax money is going to a program to send a letter telling someone they received a check. Question, is that not clear the moment we see a $1,400 deposit? Secondly, this is all over the news and social media sites. Not only is this not needed, we know it is happening. I mean we are already talking about a fourth check to come. Lastly, how much did this cost? Man power, printing, postage, and processing? We are losing money on this deal, and no one seems to care! We are in debt, not a little bit of debt, a lot of debt. Right now, we have a balanced budget in my home. As a result, we are spending less than we bring in. A simple equation for budgets, income – expenses must = more than $0.

Is the money really that important?

Yes! It is absolutely important. We are still spending way to much money, and now this administration is spending more on letters!? Why? I mean seriously, why? We are now going to spend more to send letters, and if we get a fourth stimulus check then we are going to see more letters! Because of this, we must get our spending under control. If we continue to spend this way we are going to create more debt, and at some point we default. Defaulting is bad.

We are going down a road we cannot return from, and I promise it will hurt us more than anyone is telling us. This is exactly how ya wind up All Hat with No Cattle.