Long Past Due Update

It has been close to a year, I know I know. I greatly apologize for this as it is important to keep this updated. So what happened that lead to me disappearing?

The Career Move…

In short the biggest factor is I made two job moves, each to a better opportunity. I left the construction industry and joined a whole new industry and I’m excited! What industry? Well I do not plan to tell since I want to keep my work life and private life separate.

I can promise that with my added personal time I intend to travel a lot more. I believe and I hope it is the will of the Lord Jehovah that I stay here to retirement. We shall see if that is in His plan for me or not, but I’m excited either way.

The Wedding…

No I did not get married, but a family member did! I was actually part of the wedding which took up several months of my time. It turned out to be a fun wedding, with the exception of everyone getting sick afterwards. Sadly this included me, I was the victim of either the Flu or Strep, we still are not sure. Did I have a flu shot? Nope, and that is not why I got it. One of the children brought to the rehearsal dinner was sick and spread germs all around the tables. People, do all of us a favor, if your kid is sick then keep them at home.

Downside? We all got sick. I was lucky, I only had the flu. Why is that lucky you ask? Because over 50% of the guests got food poisoning. Some company called “Oh Shucks”, I believe, was the caterer. Now there was catered food and popcorn, most of the folks I knew only had the food and with no popcorn.

Disclaimer: I am not blaming one party or another, I am recounting the event as I recall.

The Move…

While not intensely recent I also moved. I had been between apartments around the last updates and finally nailed one down. Oh yes and that trip has been a doozy all of it’s own. One day I’ll recount those tales for you.

Finally, the Merch…

I have been slowly working to determine the best way to create merch (short for merchandise apparently). As time moves on I’d like to do a line of funny shirts and hoodies with various life phrases on them. I am not fully sold just yet, and I believe this requires more thought. If you have suggestions email me texas@allhatwithnocattle.com and let me know.

Tl;dr? Life’s fun, it’s been crazy, sorry to disappear.

And that folks is how you end up All Hat, with No Cattle.

– Texas