It’s Christmas

This week has been exciting to say the least. I know, it’s been awhile and it took an exciting and full week of fun to get me to actually post for the first time in months.

So let’s start with the last week, last week was phenomenal as it was the annual Christmas party for work. It also felt like a short week because of all the end of the year madness (which is fun for me). You see being new to the finance world I am learning that the end of the year means a lot of fun changes, due to taxes. That by the way is not complaining, I actually do enjoy that part of the job, it adds to the experience if you ask me.

The past two weeks have also been filled with family and friends along with some home improvement project, pics to come. There has also been Christmas Shopping which makes the store crazy this time of year, and of course time with Family at extended family Christmas. Now things are settling down as we move into the Christmas Holiday coming up.

I actually volunteered to work Christmas Eve day before the Candlelight Service at church. I wanted to give the guys I work with time off to spend with their families, and I get to spend the evening with mine. I am of course very excited as this is my first Candlelight Service since I was a kid. Plus then there is Christmas Eve dinner with the extended family on two sides! To say that I am lucky man is an understatement.

This year I am looking forward to take some time and volunteer during the two breaks for Christmas and New Years Eve. I am of course planning to party while brining in 2019. Nothing to crazy, but definitely celebrating a New Year and a new chance to adventure and experience life.

So for the tl;dr folks, it’s a wonderful Christmas Season, go out and enjoy this time with your family.

And that’s how ya wind up all hat, with no cattle