Whoa time flies! Hmmm

Holy Moly Batman! Time is flying by! I know I know, I’ve neglected updates lately and I am so sorry, but in my defense it’s been crazy around here. Where to start?

So I’ve applied to move departments in the company I work for, which is slightly exciting right? Yes! I know what you’re thinking, “but Country you’re wanting out of that industry” and right you are but since I am still in class for that and still working towards it why not make some extra cash, I mean over the years that cash will stack up. So there’s that.

I’ve moved, which is nice because I can save on rent for a few months. Which is one thing I wanted to share with all of my readers (yes with all 10 of you)! I have found an amazing app called Digit. Digit is a digital saving assistant, he monitors my back account and secretly squirrels away between $0.05 and $10.00 over the period of a week or so. Sounds small doesn’t it? Well imagine that every day you put a dollar in for one month, then two dollars every day the next month, etc. It’s small but over time it adds up, like a snowball rolling down hill… yeah because you know we have a ton of snowball issues in the south. We need a beware of snowball sign, just to screw with drivers.

In other news I got married last weekend. Okay not really because I don’t even have a girlfriend but how excited did you get reading that? I am however preparing for a wedding, my little sister gets married next year and you know what that means!? I have to wear a tux πŸ˜‘ which I haven’t done since prom and this will decidedly not be prom. You see for prom I had a very beautiful date, for the wedding I have a very beautiful toast… and it’s not even cinnamon toast. See what I did there? Oh well whoa is me.

My biggest problem I’ve realized is that I know exactly what I want. Yeah I know, a 29 year old who knows exactly what he wants, crazy. Anyways I do know what I want, I have my Needs, Wants, and then my dealbreakers. Sadly though I am having a hard time finding the girl who meets the possibly impossible standards of mine.

Moving on! I’m preparing for my now delayed trip to see friends in Florida this year. Along with trying to plan a trip to Canada to see family (no my family isn’t Canadian πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦). While my family is full of die hard Americans πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ we don’t mind leaving The States, as they call it, and helping out in other countries. Nevertheless I am honestly getting excited about traveling since I haven’t gotten to in a year! My favorite part of traveling is sight seeing, which I know makes me the usual tourist but it’s fun and educational!

To sum it up traveling is fun, we’re Americans πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ not Canadians, and I did not get married nor do I have a girlfriend (just rub that in why don’t ya).

Life continues to remain great and full of adventure so until next time…

And that’s how ya wind up all hat, with no cattle