Fall In Full Swing?

So for those of you unfamiliar with the south our fall is in full swing. Which for the rest of the world means cooler temperatures, leaves turning colors, and the circle of life preparing to repeat… See what I did there, well if not you aren’t a die hard Disney Fan and that’s okay. Sorry I am at a Starbucks and it just happens that the Lion King opening song just popped up in my playlist.

Side Note About My Work Location…

Now on a side note today is the first day in awhile that I have taken some time to actual sit away from the house and all possible distractions and get some stuff done. As you previously read I chose Starbucks because their drinks are good and I am used to working in these. I actually spent a good deal of college in Starbucks and other coffee shops. I know it’s shocking that Country visits these types of places, but it happens from time to time. Being here though I get to people watch and for those of you who don’t know what I am talking about, you don’t know what you are missing. What is people watching, Country? So it’s this really fun thing where you sit in public, you can work, relax, read a paper, etc. While you are sitting in public doing whatever you just watch the people around you. Now please understand I DO NOT mean to leer or check out people, so if you get ticketed or hooked up by the police for being creepy don’t tell them “but the blogger clearly told me to” because I just said I did not.

So How Does that Work?

Now what you normally would do it just watch, see their reactions, animations, and even drama that they let unfold in public. It’s rather fun. One more thing you can do if you have a friend is guess their histories. For example, if two people run up hugging each other and screaming you and your friend would purpose theories to each other, mine would be like this. “Okay so they’re long lost lovers who met in middle school and the girls family moved away and after 15 years they’ve been reunited and they are so excited to each find the one that got away”. Now I should warn you that this game will speak more about you than it does the people you are watching. For those who watched or read paper towns then yes you already know the idea here.

Getting Back to It…

Okay back on track, speaking of fall it does not mean the same here as it does everywhere else (seemingly). No no here it means that you can finally step outside without bursting into flames and you are able to drive since your tires no longer melt to the pavement. It also means we can now swim without feeling like dinner inside the stew pot. It also means that we will start to see the leaves change between now and Christmas (you laugh but I am serious). Thankfully the nights are about to get longer which means bedtime earlier and I am back to 3AM wake up calls to do morning PT (aka physical training). It also means that more holidays are on the rise such as Columbus Day and Thanksgiving. As an American Citizen I become very proud this time of year (a bit more proud than the rest of the year) because right around now is how my Country’s history started. I mean one man finds some land that is seemingly uninhabited and a while late a nation is born. If you ask my it’s the greatest nation on the planet, despite the naysayers who I am beginning to wonder if they are ever patriotic.

Oh Dang, Did He Just?

Now before anyone gets butthurt because I may have just call them or their family unpatriotic let me say this, it is your RIGHT, your GOD GIVEN RIGHT to speak as you wish. Granted it is also my God Given Right to think you’re a moron if you think we really have it THAT bad. Imagine for a moment friend that you live in North Korea or China, think you get free speech there? I digress. My point is that we are in a nation that has a rich and beautiful history that has sadly been misshapen by academia (some schools do get it wrong, shocker). So I challenge you as we start into this holiday season to go ahead and read up a little on our history (from reliable sources please). Learn about your rights, freedoms, and responsibilities as American Citizens.

Moving forward, I am also on a kick of make the holidays great again, especially Make Christmas Great Again which I will talk about later. So be prepared for some very passionate posts about the holidays and how we can make them great again. Get ready for fun holiday ideas, meals, and tips and tricks coming up.

Summary (tl;dr): Get an American Flag, Eat a Turkey, and Carry a musket.

And that’s how ya wind up all hat, with no cattle