Well that was awhile

Holy Rain Puddles that was awhile! I am looking back and realizing it was a pretty good time since my last post but with good reason. I was actually planning to do one last night but then I got sidetracked which was followed by a Power Failure. Now I know what you are thinking, hey good news his power is back on and it is… now. So there was power overnight to ward off the evil southern heat that is hitting us, okay it’s not that bad but it’s still hot. Where was I? Oh right power failures. Now the power had been restored last night and it was a nice cool night at my house and today was going great, until about 5 minutes after I left for lunch. You see being the slight nerd that I am I have monitoring setup for a few of my home machines (I.E. the media server and my desktop). So I am headed to lunch with my family and *Ding Ding* my iPhone alerts me that Surprise! My power is out. Thankfully I spent the entire outage out with family which was a blessing, but it was not without it’s hiccups.

Here comes the fun part! The SUV I drive is not a bad car, in fact I like it, and it has one of those really cool smart key push start things. Now me being me I like to toss the keys in the cup holder or on the passenger seat with my cell phone, because this car isn’t supposed to let me lock the door with them in there. I stopped to get gas on the way to lunch and just as I got out I realized the tank wasn’t open and I needed into the car. Surprise 2 for the day the doors were locked and the keys were right where I left them. No worries right? I mean can’t you just push the door handle button and get in? Well yes reader I could, but now for surprise number 3. Surprise 3 is that for some reason that function stopped working at this moment. Oddly I never got a warning on my dash for low battery (and still have not) but I have stopped placing my da-gum keys in the kay, now they stay in my pocket. Lesson Learned? Oh I think so my friend. Now it was still a fun day and I still had an amazing time with my family, just cost $65 more expensive than I was planning on.

Now I am back at my house after a nice productive day and I am enjoying binging on Netflix for a few hours while I work on some freelance work and update everyone on this weeks journey. Stay tuned for some exciting information as I move, because it’s a huge hassle/process.

And that’s how ya wind up all hat, with no cattle