That moment…

As I grow older each year I learn more and more about life and every so often (at least once a week), I have that moment…”. Now for those of you that have never had THAT moment, it’s pretty much the split second that you question if your decision was a wise one. For example when you’re at the red light honking, swearing, waiving your arms, and just plain out raging at the idiot in front of you and then you see the blue lights of the officer behind you and hear the siren chirp. That is a THAT moment. Mine came early this week, it’s almost as exciting as early Christmas but not as spectacular.

So there’s four of us from the family moving a refrigerator that weighs more than all of us combined and it’s bigger than any door in the house. Now I know what you’re thinking, hijynx are about to ensue and oh man I wish that was the worst of it. Now it’s a fight but we get this monster loaded to a trailer with some other things and we head off for delivery stop 1. We arrive and begin to slowly unload the refrigerator of doom. As we get it to the front door of the house we hit a small bump and I don’t mean in the path, I mean in the plan. You see one door of the icebox was stuck ON the refrigerator and was taped to the top, making the icebox of doom taller than the door frame. So sisters boyfriend is trapped under the icebox of death (yes it was upgraded from doom to death), and he’s holding it up on his own. So I go running around the house like a freaking rocket on the 4th of July and come up behind this mess to help pull this thing. As we get it up and over the bump in the door frame we find its still too tall and now we have to drop this thing lower. So we did. In the very moment, of the very second, of the very minute we did this I had THAT moment. Suddenly my life flashed before my eyes and I rethought every decision that lead to this moment. From the time I copied someone else’s spelling word in kindergarten to last week when I used the word “booyah” in a staff meeting, it was beautiful and terrifying.

Good news is the refrigerator of death got installed and every is happy and done. I for one am psyched to be in my nice warm bed relaxing. I think the lesson today is Family. I mean Family is important here in the south, I mean come on it took 4 guys to move 1 icebox, and the good part is we had some laughs, cracked some jokes, and made some memories. So for those of you who read this take some time this week and appreciate your family. If the move an icebox of death for you then you should appreciate them with beer or whiskey because then they’ll appreciate you.

And that’s how ya wind up all hat, with no cattle