One more week down

You would think by the title that I am counting down to something spectacular, but the honest part of it is I am counting down the days to fall. Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind the heat, I grew up in this heat. What I do mind is the electricity bill to cool off the house at night! Now one of the perks of living out here are the views, I mean good gravy it is so beautiful at night time. Thankfully the cicadas have died off so there is silence and now fewer critters trying to get in my house. On a side note I learned this week that critters is a southern word, one of my coworkers from up north had never heard someone use that word before.

Over the past few weeks I have begun to contemplate my career and where I am versus where I came from, and I found that I miss working nights as weird as that sounds. There are downsides like being asleep when your family is awake and it can be harder to find time to get groceries but there are positives like no one in the grocery store when I go at 1 in the afternoon. Mostly what I miss is the fact that nights here in the South are so beautiful especially when you get outside the city areas. Nights like tonight remind me of nights out in the western Texas area, nice cool breezes blowing in the warm summer night air. The even better nights are when the thunderstorms role in just before midnight and you can hear the rain pouring down on the roof, puddling up on the sidewalk, and the smell of rain on the wind. There is nothing better than a night like that.

And that’s how ya wind up all hat, with no cattle