Summer is in full swing

Here in the South Summer is in full swing. Our days are hitting the high 90’s and nights are now a low of 80, and this is one of the beautiful things about living in the south. Now I am more of a winter guy myself, I have always and will always enjoy the cold more than the hot for obvious reasons. Granted even as a winter fan I do love summer because hello pool parties and nice warm days at the lake. Plus in the summer time there are activities like 4-wheeling, boating, biking, and so many other things that winter just will not let us do. This past weekend I spend Saturday outside working, and oh my gosh it was amazing, plus I can get a little darker ( I need the tan badly).

So where have I been the past few weeks? That is a good question. I have a test coming up in about a week and a half whereI have to row 2000 meters in a set time. Now here is the surprise, I run, I lift weights, and I do some boxing/MMA type activities, and yet none of that prepared me for rowing. This combined with working a full-time (and then some) job, running my own company, and trying to sleep has lead to me being very very busy. Fear not, for I am back.

Is the 2000m row really that bad? Probably not to someone who is in great shape and perhaps has rowed before, but for me, yes. The beauty of this is that I am developing muscles in my abs, back, and legs (my arms get taken care of during weight training days). Sadly I am not tanning as evenly as I would have liked, for instance my neck is still neon. I am also preparing to move, after literally having finally gotten settled into my current place after 3 years. Yes, you heard that right, three years! Now I am not exactly one to brag but I pulled off taking several years to get settled in. I am looking at houses to move into in about a year or so, most of them being in small towns or counties in the south/southeast. I wouldn’t mind some land honestly, get some livestock, maybe some chickens (we grew up with guineas at my grandparents, think stupid and mean chickens). In the meantime I am trying to juggle everything in the world and a life, which is kind of hard.

Finally, the best way to tell it is summer, is Cicadas in the trees, and I hate those things. Had one that would not leave the breezeway the other night so I sprayed it with wasp/hornet foam, turns out that does not kill Cicadas as quickly, but it does piss them off quickly. After researching I learned that Cicadas actually don’t bite, they might latch onto you and suck but that’s because they think you are a tree. Apparently Cicadas are not very smart. So while you can’t avoid them you should try to avoid looking like a tree.

And that’s how ya wind up all hat, with no cattle