Busy American Style Weekend

Wow, so I told myself that I would run updates on here each Friday/Saturday and make a post. I failed that one last week, sorry about that.

So here we go, last weekend I was gone for a large family gathering, which was a blast. I have to say though I am always happy to be back and crashing in my bed after long days like that. Did some exploration and found a really sweet old and abandoned ranch.

Which after some driving and digging we finally found and we’re all set to explore, and then didn’t. Turns out that property and a few hundred thousand acres around it are owned by some oil company and they’re actively pumping oil out. So there’s all these notices about deadly chemicals in the air and risk of injury and death, which is excellent incentive NOT to explore. So for all you amateur urban explorers, heed the signs and warnings around an area.

Now after a long week of dealing with corporate America (not my favorite place at this moment), it’s time for a fun weekend. Turns out this is the weekend of the NRA Annual Meeting, which this year was out in Dallas, TX (I prefer Fort Worth myself but hey I’m not an event planner). So a group of us went and hit the NRA Exhibits this weekend and they did not disappoint. Being a Glock Guy myself I was super excited to see their booth and meet their team. Was able to handle some of the Gen4 firearms and boy they sure are nice! Learned about a new style of firearm that shoots using air, that’s right a real adult air-soft gun capable of taking down wild game. A few other noteworthy stops for anyone planning to go are:

  • Kimber
  • 5.11 Tactical
  • Sig Sauer
  • Ruger
  • M&P/S&W
  • H&K
  • Crimson Trace
  • And of course Barrett

There of course are hundreds of other booths as well to visit. We found some interesting live/dry fire training companies that even have in home setups! A few of places even sell some hunting/outdoor accessories for your dog, because this is America and we love our dogs a lot.

So what’s the big deal with the NRA? Well first off I haven’t been a member until recently, and I joined because after a tragedy a bunch of politicians and folks with an agenda attacked the NRA for something they had no part in. After joining I realized that this is a group of individuals who get it, they understand the importance of self-defense and defense of their families. The 2nd Amendment was not written for military officials or hunters, it was written for Americans, each and every last one. I am a member of the NRA and an armed citizen because I refuse to become or let others become the victim of a violent crime. The NRA supports this freedom and right, and they even have some interesting simulations to try at the NRA Carry Guard booth.

It’s been a long weekend and I’m writing this from my smartphone because I’m too lazy to go get my laptop and sign onto the WiFi. So to sum it up folks, God, Family, Friends, and America are the best ways to spend two weekends in a row. So go out there and enjoy some sunshine and maybe grab a cold one.

And that’s how ya wind up all hat, with no cattle