Time Is Flying…

Wow it has been awhile and time has been flying by.

So today as I am driving it hits me, I am the last of a dying ideology. Today a small monsoon hit our town and it dumped a huge amount of rain for most of the morning. As the rain pours down I see a motorcycle in a driveway and it is covered with some very heavy duty covers. I realized after a while that the bike was not what was being covered, but an American Flag was on the back of the bike. The owner was not trying to keep his bike dry, he was trying to keep our Flag dry.

In today’s world I see so many people my age and younger that are so obsessed with themselves and they don’t see anyone else. It used to be that we asked ourselves what we could do for our country, but now all we want to know is what our country can do for us. We used to stand in the pouring rain to take our Flag down and inside, now most people just don’t care. When did we stop teaching responsibility, respect, compassion, and accountability? What changed?

And that’s how ya wind up all hat, with no cattle