Oh Tuesday…

Well Howdy!

I would say Happy Monday, but it is in fact Tuesday. Spending the day at home yesterday sick, was relaxing, and while I feel slightly more healthy today, I still have this awful cough. Texas Allergies stink, and for those of you living here you know what I mean. A family member posted a photo the other day of trees at Possum Kingdom Lake, and oh man there was pollen pouring off of them! Surprisingly coming back to work today I expected to see things piling up as usual, yet I come in to find things fairly neat and calm, but to me it is still Monday.

On a fun unrelated note I am car shopping! My 2012 Chevy Malibu just isn’t going to cut it anymore, it has WAY too many problems and really just goes to show that perhaps Chevy is not the top manufacturer in the U.S. Sadly I have been told by quite a few folks that if I want reliability I need to buy a foreign made car. As a very very proud American and Texan I just cannot get behind the fact that America used to make some tough as nails cars. What happened auto industry? Perhaps I did just buy a dud of a car, and it really is a fluke accident. Granted, I grew up a Ford Guy so Chevy really isn’t my cup of tea anyways, so maybe this is a sign that I need to go back to my roots. All I know is that one wonderful adult life lesson I learned is, if you keep funneling money into a dying car, it is STILL a dying car.
Final Thought: Maybe we need to bring back the Model T or the Horse and Buggy?

And that’s how ya wind up all hat, with no cattle

Featured Photo by A. L. on Unsplash